Computer Backup Service

With so much information today stored in computers, lost data is much more than an inconvenience - it means lost days of productivity or in extreme cases can even ruin a business. Yet safe data storage of your computer information is not expensive or difficult. OnsiteASAP is Montreal's data storage expert, providing computer backup and computer security services to businesses throughout Montreal and Quebec.

Secure Data Storage Protects Your Business

While computer security is part of what we do, and crucial to maintaining your computers, we also recommend that all of our clients use automated offsite backup services to store data safely, and easily in a remote location. Establishing a daily, weekly, or monthly data storage back-up service can take as little as a half hour, and cost as little as $30/month. No matter what security software your computers have, if your computers are stolen, damaged, or even destroyed by fire, you will lose the information they contain - permanently. With external data back-up, all of your files, records, and even your email, can be quickly restored.

Please follow this link to request information about our automatic data backup service or to contact us by phone.