(Very) Satisfied Customers

Our aim is always to provide the best, most knowledgeable, courteous and responsive service. From what our clients say, we believe we succeed, and we invite you to read their thoughts:

I can't even express how great the level of support was from at OnSiteASAP; I wish everyone was so prompt, and enjoyable to work with. It would make my job much easier! Order from them for all your computer needs.

B.F., Importer, Montreal

We are long time satisfied customers of OnSiteASAP. The service is fast, efficient and always courteous.

L.S., Owner, Real Estate Agency, Montreal

OnSiteASAP is a great name and a great company. They made it all seem so simple and easy. The computer they set up was a dream the day they set it up. A year later, it's still as smooth as silk. When I had one small problem, they managed to solve it before I had fully explained the problem.

T.S., Radio Host, Montreal

Polite, prompt and helpful whenever our systems have gotten bugs or jammed in other ways - friendly and very reasonably priced. You definitely get value for you money.

S.C., Clothing Manufacturer, Dorval

Doing business with you has been a pleasure. You are one of the few businesses that we have dealt with that thinks first of the customer and secondly of yourself. Your service has been extraordinary in terms of quality, timeliness and your desire to ensure that our business proceed uninterrupted. Thanks for a great experience.

L.G., Business Owner, Montreal

I have only the finest compliments for the service of OnSiteASAP. No matter how many times we call them for service or for issues that are complicated to us, but simple for a computer technician, we are always helped courteously and with lots of patience and great service. Thanks for always being there for us!

E.G., Importer, Montreal

Here is a company that actually reflects its name - they are truly "on site" - as soon as they possibly can! Also, they have a real working knowledge of what today's companies communication needs are - especially for us "road warriors". A rare find!

R.M., Distributor, Dorval

We were having problems with our network printer and related issues that our computer support people could not solve. We called OnSiteASAP who came without delay and solved the problem quickly and permanently. Needless to say we switched to OnSiteASAP and have been very satisfied with their support and service ever since. Phone calls are returned immediately and visits, if required, are scheduled immediately, sometimes even the next day.

Y.P., Accountant, Montreal

OnSiteASAP, a truly professional company that always put us, the customers, first! They can always be relied on in times of urgent need with the best prices on the market.

G.B., Property Owner and Manager, Montreal

OnSiteASAP has been providing IT services to our company for many months. They have been very helpful and promptly responding to every urgent request. In all respects we are very satisfied with their services and without hesitation we can recommend them to any company with every confidence. We feel sure that they would perform their service diligently and reliably.

J.L., Business Owner, Laval

Just a short note to let you know how much I appreciate your quick response in not only finding a great price for our new computers but also taking the time to research our request and ordering the computer that best suits our needs.

J.A., Ski Resort Operator, St-Faustin-Lac-Carré

OnSiteASAP has handled all my complex computer issues with professionalism and ease.

J.R., Industrial Manufacturer, Lachine

He appears when you need him like superman, he talks to my PC and then vanishes. The issues have been resolved quickly and efficiently.

H.M., Attorney, Montreal

If I have a problem there is only one call I need to make; when I need OnSiteASAP they are here. Problem solved.

L.B., Accountant, Montreal

Exactly as named.....whenever needed you are there ASAP.

D.G., Manufacturer, Montreal

As a technically challenged small business owner, I feared my much needed PCs. OnSiteASAP cured my apprehension by listening to my needs and setting me up accordingly, Now I feel like a techie with my networked desktop, laptop and Blackberry.

J.B., Property Manager, Montreal